Routine care involves trimming toenails and
debriding callouses that are not ulcerated.

If you have a complicating disease such as
peripheral vascular disease or diabetes,
please give me the name of the MD or DO
that diagnosed the complicating condition
so that I can send him in writing my findings
regarding the extent of peripheral involvement
and so that your MD or DO can inform me if they
concur with my findings as to the severity of
the peripheral involvement.

Please understand that in New York I am only
licensed to treat the foot and if you have
a disease that affects other parts of your body
I wish to ensure that you are seeing a licensed
health care professional that is an MD or a DO
to treat the other parts of the body I am not
licensed to treat.

If you have medicare, please ask your MD or DO
if they are enrolled in PECOS.

Standard disclaimer: Do not rely on any of the
information on this website but instead check
with your licensed MD or DO regarding
any systemic condtion as to the effect it may be
having on other parts of your body other than your